Circular wall and Path

Private renovation – Sutton Place, Hackney




The client approached Hillman Gardens initially with an idea of a curved path


23 sutton hand sketch


Hillman Gardens took the concept and refined the design

…I feel that the combination of the square edged planter design and a curved path that you had in mind isn’t quite working for me on paper. Do you like the look of this modified design featuring a curved brick wall and radial pattern path instead?


plan view
Gate view


The client was delighted and gave the go ahead on the 3D design

…oh yes, that’s much more what we had in mind actually! We love the way the curves marry together – it’s going to look great. Can’t wait to see it!


Work in progress


photo 4

building the wall

paving the curved path with sandstone setts




view through the gate afterwards

Sutton place complete 1

Sutton place complete 2


With the hard landscaping finished Hillman Gardens’ involvement with the project was completed

we’re not going to rush the planting – we want to take some time to feel what goes where although we do have a few ideas already. We’ll get a fire pit to go right in the middle of the stone circle and a might make a bench from the surplus stones!