New Thinking


Hillman Gardens’ guiding principals are simple elegant design and efficient implementation, driving a sound business practice that always delivers on it’s promise



Ambitious and refreshing


A design for a planter hugging a circular curved path was needed. Two techniques were devised whereby the wall could either be built vertically to form a cylindrical section or to be anchored around the central point to form a spherical section. Both avenues were explored in 3D. The figure below shows the subtle concave curve of a spherical brick retaining wall.


spherical section walled planter




An unusual request


Hillman Gardens were approached to come up with a creative design solution in a garden which featured an old Anderson shelter. The shelter had previously been made into a rockery and although it was rough and tumbledown it was obviously an important play area for the children. Taking this as the cue Hillman Gardens came up with a ‘giant steps’ design to fire their imagination, made from oak sleepers complete with planters. This was topped off with a play deck which left space to re-instate a slide from the higher level back to the ground.


Anderson shelter_new thinking