Circular wall and Path

Ready for Sale renovation – Queensbridge Rd, Hackney

tyburn lane

…being situated as it is, amongst a mix of local authority, ex local and victorian housing, the property will gain the most capital value by being lifted from the social housing look which it currently sports and matched more closely to the victorian housing in the surrounding street scene. This is achievable through association – using a combination of correct planting design, quality workmanship for the structural elements and ridding the external spaces of social housing cues as far as possible. The garden should support the idea of social change in the area. If this is done then the price will be able to reflect that. In the current market in Hackney a relatively small investment in external works will bring a great return

photo 1 copy

before work commenced

photo 1

the finished result, view 1

photo 3

day 1 – demolition view 1

photo 5

the finished result, view 2

Queensbridge road in progress

day 1 – demolition view 2

photo 3 copy

the finished result, view 3