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Hillman Gardens

Duncan Hillman of Hillman Gardens Landscaping Hackney and East London since 2005

If you are searching for a highly regarded landscape garden designer in Hackney you may well be in the right place!

Hillman Gardens is a friendly and accessible Hackney based garden landscaping business run by founder Duncan Hillman, promising tailored designs at competitive prices. Ask for a quote today.

Hillman Gardens specialises in turning unloved areas of earth into recreational spaces, remodelling gardens and ‘ready for sale’ packages for property professionals. Many gardens are done under the commission of private clients, though a work has also been delivered on behalf of estate agents and property investment funds. Examples of previous work can be found under the ‘Reviews‘ section of the website.

Hillman Gardens landscaping services are end-to-end. Starting from initial design and modelling of an idea to execution and clear up. Specific elements of work include paving, decking, brick laying, turfing, fencing, trellising, and other staples of garden landscaping. Transparent quotes are given at the outset of a project, and strict delivery timelines are kept.

Duncan began working in landscaping over 15 years ago. When he took on a position as foreman for a reputable company in East London he became exposed to more design focused and complex ventures. Having honed his craft he started undertaking his own projects for both private clients and larger-scale property developers.

Duncan’s love of landscaping started at a very young age. He helped his father build an elaborate fowl house at the age of 11 and by 15 was redesigning the local woodland with help of a shovel, oak star and slight disregard for land-planning norms in Cornwall.

Things have progressed since then and Hillman Gardens landscaping business will be happy to provide a quote or talk through some ideas, just reach out!


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